Wedding photography is a huge industry. Hundreds of thousands of people get married every year, and photographers are right there to document the big event.

However, there are a lot of people out there that don’t know much about this subject. If you’re clueless about wedding photography, here are a few of the things that you should be aware.

1. You Should Always Hire A True Professional

A lot of people are tempted to hire amateurs to shoot their wedding. After all, there are all kinds of people out there offering wedding photo services in Charlotte, NC. Many people assume that one person with a camera is as good as another.

However, the people who hire an amateur photographer are usually disappointed with their choice. If someone doesn’t know much about wedding photography, they’re going to struggle to capture the shots they need.

You wouldn’t hire an amateur to repair your plumbing; you shouldn’t hire one to shoot your wedding either. Choose the best Charlotte wedding photographers for your special day.

2. Wedding Pictures Are Worth Splurging On

While your wedding will only last a day, your photos will last far longer than that. You will be able to enjoy your pictures decades down the road.

When you’re working out your wedding budget, you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge your pictures. People won’t remember whether or not you had a chocolate fountain at your wedding, but they will love looking at your wedding photos when they visit you at home.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Plan Ahead

A lot of people don’t shoot all of their photos on their wedding day. They work with their photographer and get some pictures shot ahead of time.

If you want to make sure you get all of the photos you want, talk to your photographer about scheduling an extra session. If they have room in their schedule, they should be able to capture some very nice shots for you ahead of time.

You can also get wedding pictures taken after the fact. A lot of people put their wedding clothes back on and take a few makeup shots after the big day is over. After all, no one will be able to tell what day it is when they look at a photo!

4. You Should Find Ways To Be More Creative

Some of the best wedding photos out there are more than just a shot of a bride and a groom. Instead, these photos celebrate the couples unique personality.

Think about some of the fun photo ideas you’d like to try. Don’t be afraid to try something that seems a little bit crazy. Sometimes, the best photos are the ones that are the most unexpected.

5. Don’t Stress Over Your Pictures

When all is said and done, you shouldn’t spend too much time stressing over your pictures. If you’ve hired a skilled photographer, they’ll be able to capture all of the images you need.

Trust your photographer and enjoy your special day. A lot of Charlotte wedding photographers like to snap candid shots. It’ll be easier for them to get the kind of photos they need if you relax and have a splendid time.

You should try to learn a few things about wedding photographer before you hire someone for your wedding. If you have the right knowledge, you’ll be able to avoid the mistakes a lot of other people make.

At the end of the day, hiring a talented photographer is the best thing that you can do. They’ll make sure that you have all kinds of pictures to remember your wedding by. You’ll have tons of beautiful photos to choose from.

Cape Verde is a popular holiday destination where there’s a lot to discover. A good way to get to know the country is by getting a taste of the local atmosphere and people. You can achieve that by dining in local restaurants and browsing the markets.

The Cape Verde islands are causing quite a stir on the travel scene as well as destination weddings, you can find huge swathes of the creamy-white beach, the year-round sun almost guaranteed, and every type of water sport. If you don’t want to lay on the beach all day long, there are numerous things you can do, here are the top 15:

1) Big Game Fishing

The best way to experience and feel what it’s like to fight the fish is by setting sail into the sea between Boa Vista andSal with. There are some fishes you can catch including Tuna, Dolphin Fish, and Wahoo as well as many others.

2) Sea Turtle Catamaran

This is an excellent opportunity to relax and see Sal in a different way. Board your luxury Sea Turtle’ cat and remember to keep your camera close as you drift by Monte Leao. Just relax and enjoy the views over Sal’s desert-like shores.

3) Municipal day (St Isobel’s Day)

This yearly event is a big festival where people come from all the other islands to join in the celebrations in honor of the island’s saint. It all kicks off with a boat ceremony out in the bay, followed by horse racing, football tournaments, boat racing, and lots of dancing.

4) Try local Cape Verdean food

There are a great number of homespun places serving local food as well as a clutch of Italian and Portuguese restaurants. As you could have imagined, fish is a big deal in Cape Verde. Therefore, you’ll consistently find lobster, squid, and shrimp on the menu. Don’t forget to try the national dish, Cachupa Rica – a slow-cooked stew with maize, beans, vegetables, and fish.

5) Set sail on an island cruise

You cannot pass the chance to join an excursion in which you’ll cruise along the island’s coast at a tortoise-like pace, most boats also anchor at untouched beaches as you go. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you, you’ll stop off at the Isles’ best-known beauty spot.

6) Go shopping in Sal Rei

You won’t find the designer shopping in Boa Vista, there is a good choice when it comes to food and basic toiletries in Sal Rei’s minimarts. Remember that the only places you can find tobacco, alcohol, and tinned goods are located outside Sal Rei.

7) Cast your line sea fishing

Due to the rich waters around Cape Verde, fishing is still a way of life for the locals. If you are interested, there are fishing schools to teach you the basics. If you are looking for a good challenge, head out at sea, you might land some biggies like tuna or blue marlin.

8) Trek up mountains on Sao Nicolau

Monte Gordo is its highest point at 4304 feet tall, wind your way up its green valley. Once you are done hiking, make sure to head for the pretty capital, there are great restaurants in a colonial setting.

9) Wander around the island of Fogo

Considering that ‘Fogo’ means fire in Portuguese, it gives you a good indication of its volcanic status. While you’re on the island, stop off at the colonial town of Sao Filipe for a taste of the local wine.

10) Sink into the saltpans at Pedra de Lume

Sal used to be famous for its salt mines, today they are gone, however, the saltpans remain, and they’re great for bathing in. Once you are done, head to the little café, wash off the salt and sit back with an ice-cold drink.

11) Blaze a trail through the Viana Desert

The Viana Desert covers about 30 per cent of Boa Vista. It’s made of red rocks and wind-sculptured dunes that make it the ultimate playground for 4×4 safaris and quad biking.

12) Explore the island of Santiago

Famous for its atmospheric market, National Maritime Museum, and Church that dates back to 1495. Santiago, Cape Verde’ biggest island can count Captain Cook and Sir Francis Drake among its visitors.

13) See the sights on a 4×4 tour

Enjoy the pastel-washed villages and mural-painted caves to the Buracona Lagoon, there are even extra-salty lakes where you’ll float like a cork.

14) Try water sports on Santa Monica beach

You can find lessons on kite-surfing or windsurfing at the Riu Touareg Hotel on the beach. You can also join diving courses; there are a lot of wrecks and reefs to explore off the coast. You’ll see everything from dolphins and whales to octopus and multi-colored parrotfish.

15) Have a go at windsurfing

Windsurfing conditions couldn’t be better in Cape Verde due to its location. The winter winds are a steady Force 4 to Force 5; they attract national teams. If you like windsurfing, then I highly recommend Tortuga Beach.

Doubtlessly, choosing how to celebrate properly the most important day in a couple’s life, is a hard task. To discover the best location, the best restaurant, or castle, or villa, it takes hard work and focus. Apart from that, it must feel perfect. Many people reasonably believe that, for a wedding to be perfect, one must choose the best location both for the bride and the groom and for family and friends. It is important to share an amazing experience with the people you love, hence it is necessary also to think about our guests. So, is it better to have an enormous amount of persons coming and see you, or maybe just a few, beloved ones, who can share an incredible and new experience? Both choices are fine, but if you want something new, perhaps you should consider traveling.

destination wedding

The romanticism of being abroad, in a whole new universe, gives you the chance to freeze that amazingly important moment in an adventure that will last forever in your memory. The problem is, now: everybody has got their lives, and dream-like islands are far, far away. Well, this may be true, or it may be not. There is one group of islands that became famous not for their saline breezes, but for their pirate-related history. Today they are a paradise, just a bit more than five hours away. You can leave on Friday, be back by Sunday night, and enjoy the best day of your life. We are talking about Cape Verde Isles. Recommended by many destination wedding photographers, Cape Verde is the first choice.

Jessi Marri, wedding photographer from Houston TX, mentions that; “These islands wonderfully combine European style (mainly Portuguese) buildings with the most romantic and alive African tradition. Starting from Santiago, the biggest and liveliest island, up to the enchanting Sal, this magical place offers landscapes and activities rarely to be seen so close and so beautiful.”

The favorite spot for people to celebrate their special day is, with no doubts, Sal: local companies offer ceremonies, decorations, seats and Arches, and everything you may need. It must be said that getting legally married on the island is only possible after spending a whole month there. Anyways, Marriage Blessings or Renewal of Vows will be performed in the island’s style. Think about coming out of a magnificent resort just to glide off to the Wedding Arch. There, waiting, the groom surrounded by the magical African sunset, red and yellow, and the ocean blue.

After the ceremony, you can have a ride around the town and enjoy this remarkable Cape Verde tradition. And after that, you may want a simple dinner, or breakfast, or lunch, choosing from European specialties, Portuguese traditional plates, or African-Creole cuisine. Your guests can taste a few local flavors and then try the Manecome, a local wine produced just a few miles away, or a sip of the world famous grog. And, if you want, be part of the locals’ funniest tradition: dance barefooted. Let yourself slip into the spinning rhythm of Samba and Morna, the typical folk music of Cape Verde, let the sand accompany your feet into this soul-liberating atmosphere, and feel like that moment is going to be everlasting.

Whether you decide to stay there a couple of days, or a whole week, you will for sure find the best place to spend the beginning of your new life. Head to Sal and relax bathing in the natural salt lake; create the perfect scenario for your Wedding Photos: amazing colonial buildings, stunningly beautiful black sand beaches in Sao Nicolau, Salt mines, and exotic birds are waiting for you to come and share their souls. And if you have more time and feel adventurous, then you can trek on the charming volcanic peak in Fogo Island, scuba-dive around Sal, or just take a walk through the islands, discovering small, unpaved roads that lead to unexplored beaches. And then, enjoy a perfectly cooked, food-based dish, while you look at the sunset and lose yourself into the ocean.

It is an important choice, the most important one. Just the fact that you got to make that decision feels like you already have accomplished something huge. But still, the perfect touch, after deciding you are going to love someone forever, is probably to try and make the moment in which that dream comes true an actual, everlasting dream.

When looking at many of the fantastic island and beach destinations for travelers around the world, the small nation of Cape Verde also called as Kapverden doesn’t come up that often, but it really should. While Cape Verde might not be nearly as well known as Miami Beach or Cancun, or be mentioned in the same sentence as international jewels like Cape Town, Bali, and Phuket, there is a lot that this small volcanic archipelago off of Africa has to offer visitors of all budgets. Whatever your favorite part of an island getaway, you won’t have to worry about finding things to do in Cape Verde!

Just Where Is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is in the Atlantic Ocean, south, and west of Europe and about 300 miles off the western coast of the African continent. Cape Verde consists of 10 main islands and five islets, most of which are surprisingly mountainous due to their volcanic background. Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony for many decades, but now enjoys independence and offers a truly good “off the beaten path” location where there is a lot to appreciate.

Unique Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde offers an amazing array of beaches. Carneiros Beach is one that everyone should visit, but every island has some excellent locations, and there are plenty of hidden gems among them. Praia is the closest thing to a major city, and you are going to enjoy discovering all the different areas and the unique feel and benefit that each of them has to offer.

Can’t Miss Sights

Mount Fogo is the highest peak in Cape Verde and a beautiful sight to visit, not to mention hiking trails and other attractions right there in the area you can enjoy. There are multiple beaches that each has a very individual look and distinctive feel. In other words, you can experience many different “mini-vacations” by stopping by each one of those beaches or spots. Add in some great lighthouses and there are plenty of tours and areas you can wander independently that give you plenty of opportunities.

There is a wide array of exceptional restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a good meal and drink, and consider visiting the Mindelo Fish Market when you’re in the area. Don’t forget to ask about a variety of great, incredible active festivals that take place throughout the islands. Depending on when you visit, there might be a spectacular or unique festival going on that is worth visiting whether about the western African music or the Creole Carnival.

Surfing Tours

Surfing tours are available to go around several great islands with an emphasis on finding excellent surfing opportunities and embracing the best water that the area has to offer. The surfing tours had garnered a wide array of positive reviews and praise from many visiting surfers who loved the variety of different options when it came to riding the waves. If you love the action that comes with surfing and exploring new beaches, new waves, new areas, then you will want to give some serious look at the surfing tours offered in the Cape Verde area.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re enjoying a long-awaited return to the islands or are a true newcomer, you will love the friendly people, beautiful scenery, and amazing sense of relaxation or adventure that come with your particular journey to Cape Verde. Whether you want inexpensive luxury or a great “diamond in the rough” adventure no matter where you look, this is the place for you to visit.

There are always fun things to do in Cape Verde, so take a trip and enjoy!