When looking at many of the fantastic island and beach destinations for travelers around the world, the small nation of Cape Verde also called as Kapverden doesn’t come up that often, but it really should. While Cape Verde might not be nearly as well known as Miami Beach or Cancun, or be mentioned in the same sentence as international jewels like Cape Town, Bali, and Phuket, there is a lot that this small volcanic archipelago off of Africa has to offer visitors of all budgets. Whatever your favorite part of an island getaway, you won’t have to worry about finding things to do in Cape Verde!

Just Where Is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is in the Atlantic Ocean, south, and west of Europe and about 300 miles off the western coast of the African continent. Cape Verde consists of 10 main islands and five islets, most of which are surprisingly mountainous due to their volcanic background. Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony for many decades, but now enjoys independence and offers a truly good “off the beaten path” location where there is a lot to appreciate.

Unique Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde offers an amazing array of beaches. Carneiros Beach is one that everyone should visit, but every island has some excellent locations, and there are plenty of hidden gems among them. Praia is the closest thing to a major city, and you are going to enjoy discovering all the different areas and the unique feel and benefit that each of them has to offer.

Can’t Miss Sights

Mount Fogo is the highest peak in Cape Verde and a beautiful sight to visit, not to mention hiking trails and other attractions right there in the area you can enjoy. There are multiple beaches that each has a very individual look and distinctive feel. In other words, you can experience many different “mini-vacations” by stopping by each one of those beaches or spots. Add in some great lighthouses and there are plenty of tours and areas you can wander independently that give you plenty of opportunities.

There is a wide array of exceptional restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a good meal and drink, and consider visiting the Mindelo Fish Market when you’re in the area. Don’t forget to ask about a variety of great, incredible active festivals that take place throughout the islands. Depending on when you visit, there might be a spectacular or unique festival going on that is worth visiting whether about the western African music or the Creole Carnival.

Surfing Tours

Surfing tours are available to go around several great islands with an emphasis on finding excellent surfing opportunities and embracing the best water that the area has to offer. The surfing tours had garnered a wide array of positive reviews and praise from many visiting surfers who loved the variety of different options when it came to riding the waves. If you love the action that comes with surfing and exploring new beaches, new waves, new areas, then you will want to give some serious look at the surfing tours offered in the Cape Verde area.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re enjoying a long-awaited return to the islands or are a true newcomer, you will love the friendly people, beautiful scenery, and amazing sense of relaxation or adventure that come with your particular journey to Cape Verde. Whether you want inexpensive luxury or a great “diamond in the rough” adventure no matter where you look, this is the place for you to visit.

There are always fun things to do in Cape Verde, so take a trip and enjoy!